The Elephant in the Room: Turnover

As many as 22% of acute care nurses will leave after the first year...even more in Long Term Care.

Nurses working in surgical services, pediatrics and women's health have the lowest turnover rates while Emergency services, Med/Surg and Long Term Care nurses experienced the highest. Certified nursing assistant (CNA) turnover exceeds all other nursing positions. Each percent change in RN turnover will cost/save the average sized hospital and additional $337, 500. Simply put, turnover is costing the healthcare industry billions of dollars every year. To cushion the staffing blow, organizations turn to staffing agencies only to continue to spend billions of dollars in agency expenses. In a recent survey by NSI Nursing Solutions, it appears 52.6% of hospitals would like to decrease their reliance on supplemental staffing and understandably so! For every 20 travel RN's eliminated, a hospital can save, on average, $1.4M. In these climates, cost efficiencies are existential needs. An ugly truth regarding these numbers is that we are facing a restless workforce that can go anywhere it pleases at anytime, despite efforts to keep workers in place. Facilities must make change work in their favor. If nurses want to leave (which they will) let them come and go as they please!

If the concern is then 'continuum of care' the focus should be on shift to shift report. Thorough communication equals smooth hand-offs.

Innovation Meets Healthcare Staffing.

One of the most promising areas for innovation is to be found in the workforce and entrepreneurs seem to be leaping into healthcare with these disruptive innovations. Traditional staffing methods can not adequately maintain the demand in healthcare services. Provider Pool is committed to establishing an engaged workforce through deliberate talent acquisition both permanently and temporarily. Reduce cost, reduce burnout, eliminate turnover and staffing agencies with real-time labor management systems. The bleak future of healthcare staffing will soon turn into a conveniently managed, streamlined task with Provider Pool.

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