Technology Runs the World

By: Janna Westbrook

Simple tasks that are still done manually will soon cease to exist for many of us. It's scary, amazing, ridiculous and necessary all at the same time. Technology has disrupted every industry from healthcare to beauty, education to entertainment, dating to shopping!

I was working a shift the other day and went into a patients room to check her blood sugar. She said "Oh no, I don't get poked, just put the machine up to my arm." (Its been awhile since I worked the floor but not THAT long) To my surprise, I placed the glucometer near a round device on her upper arm and it instantly gave me a blood sugar reading. My initial reaction was "Omg why doesn't everyone have this!?"

Healthcare never ceases to amaze me! Working in this field is like being a kid in a candy store.

Hungry? Grubhub. Need a ride? Uber. Need a room? AirBnB. Need info? Google it. There are a few people out there still holding on to the old manual way of doing things...Family Video frequenters and Newspaper readers. Eventually though, everything we touch will have some form of technology attached to it. When it comes to business and operational efficiency, saving money while increasing productivity will be accomplished through technology.

Healthcare staffing is one of those annoying tasks that's still done manually. The hiring cycle has many steps: job advertising, recruiting, follow-up, candidate assessment, candidate engagement and verification. Talent acquisition technology, like Provider Pool, is the fastest growing sector of workforce solutions.

To learn more about Provider Pool and how this software has simplified the staffing process, visit us at or stop in to see us at the Meet & Greet: St. Louis on February 8th, 5pm at TRex.

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