When Agency isn't an option...

I loved being a Director of Nursing but staffing challenges completely burned me out!

Agency wasn't an option in my facility considering the expense and overall lack of accountability. I was working 12 hour days and almost every weekend to cover open shifts. My nurse managers were drained. I was exhausted. Nursing administration teams can not focus on care systems when they are constantly working the floor. What do you do when you need staff and can't use agency?

Either fight against change, or make it work for you!

We need more nurses in the industry. That's the hard truth. Unfortunately, we can't admit students into nursing school fast enough to replace the retiring workforce. Advancements in medicine, aging baby boomers, increased access to care and an aging workforce all contribute to the shrinking labor pool of healthcare professionals. If a facility is not using agency, there's a good chance they have nurse managers working on-call quite a bit! I dare not mention the current turnover rates in healthcare but it is a costly challenge to say the least. Demand is increasing. Supply is not.

Light at the end of the tunnel

Provider Pool is leading the charge toward innovation in staffing models and partnerships with healthcare organizations. Traditional staffing methods can not keep up with the growth of the industry. Facilities must be open to tech driven, innovative solutions to adequately care for their patients. By streamlining the staffing process, healthcare administrators can focus on back office operations and increasing quality the of care. I told myself I wouldn't dare function as a Director of Nursing again!...but with Provider Pool...I would definitely consider it.

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