Employee to Entrepreneur

Have you ever worked for a company and realized that there was something missing? You knew you had purpose but you just weren't quite sure if working for someone else should be a part of your life's journey. You're not alone! I have always dreamed of starting my own company. I've worked in the healthcare field for many years now. I started off as a Certified Nursing Assistant in a long term care facility. Shortly into my career, I realized that I was no longer the person being delegated, but instead, I often took charge, even delegating tasks to my superiors. Helping and coaching other people showed me that I was a natural leader. I then realized that I wanted to venture off into entrepreneurship. So what now?


Entrepreneurship was the way to go for me. I started to research. According to the National Association of Women Business Owners, there are 9.1 million women-owned businesses. This accounts for 26% of businesses nationwide. Even with over a fourth of businesses being founded by women, the percent of Venture Capital funds invested in women founders was only 2.2% in 2018. Of the small amount of women receiving Venture Capital, the percent of those women who are minority was less than 1. Imagine being super excited about your business idea then running across those numbers. It can be quite discouraging and intimidating!

Luckily for me, and most of my readers, women are naturally resilient and most work well despite adversity. I knew that to be successful in business I would have to work hard and make sacrifices. Consistency, networking, and research are crucial for startups. You have to understand your market better than anyone else!...even when the odds are against you! The truth about being a woman in a male dominant industry is that most wont be taken seriously. Confidence, and industry knowledge are vital! Remaining true to yourself and finding your own voice is the key to rising above preconceived expectations.

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